Übernahme der Generalvertretung von Tansun Infrarotheizstrahlern (D-A-CH)

Takeover of the general council of Tansun Infrarotheizers (D-A-CH)

After more than 20 years, the Keratec Heatware handed in goods trading. mbh the general representative of the Great Britain Infrared Heater from Tansun Limited. Under the direction of the current managing director Thomas Koch Tansun developed into a fixture in the outdoor catering in the past decade. Especially during pandemic, many restaurants were able to continue their outdoor business in winter thanks to this technology.

From 01.01.2024 the Tansun General Representation of Tel GmbH (Tansun Europe, Leichlingen) at the same address at Moltkestraße 25 in Leichlingen. The managing director of Tel GmbH is Florian Kolken, who previously worked at Weinor (sun protection/terrace roof) and as a business division manager for a laboratory equipment store.

The terrace business, both in private and in the gastronomic area, continues to be funded. At the same time, the commercial and industrial division is becoming increasingly important. The energy transition in Germany means that certain work areas in halls or in the half -open area are no longer fully heated with gas with enormous energy expenditure, but locally with short -wave infrared technology.

Advantages of short -wave infrared technology

  1. Efficient warming: Short -wave Infrared Heater Primarily do not heat the air, but the surfaces in the "light cone". Similar to a lunch break in the sun in winter sports, it gets warm, although the air temperature is still cold. Individual areas can therefore be heated without having to heat up the entire air volume.

  2. Fast warmth: No lead time is required. It is already warm within a few seconds, so the preheating is no longer necessary.

  3. CO2-neutral operation: CO2-neutral operation is possible in combination with a corresponding power supply. Gas -powered alternatives can only keep up here if hydrogen is used. However, energy losses of 20% to 40% occur in the production, and part of our hydrogen requirements are imported from sources in which ESG issues are not high on the agenda.

Tansun has introduced this type of hall heating with the Apollo series 40 years ago, but the technology has meanwhile been replaced by very cheap fossil gas. This is now changing radically. In the coming years we will target this field and target the awareness of the short -wave infrared technology in the field of workplace heating.

We look forward to the new tasks and would be happy to welcome you to our trade fairs, in our premises or on site in the hall.

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