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Infrared Heater Tansun Sorrento 2 x 1.5 kW Double IP

Infrared Heater Tansun Sorrento 2 x 1.5 kW Double IP

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Sorrento Infrared Heater 

The robust model TANSUN™ Sorrento IP is suitable for wall mounting and vertical ceiling mounting. The large reflector ensures an optimal effect of the heating output. Critical components of the spotlight are optimally cooled by the design. The devices are extremely durable And also perfected for continuous operation (e.g.> 8 hours a day).  


Main characteristics: 

Efficient warmth: Short -wave Infrared Heater Primarily heat surfaces and not the air. Similar to sunbathing during winter sports, you get warm, even though the air temperature remains cold -but without any UV content

Immediate warmth: No lead time necessary - ready for operation within seconds. Preheat is eliminated. 

Environmentally friendly: In combination with renewable energy, CO2-neutral operation can take place. 

Versatile installation: Suitable for new buildings and inventory objects. 

Made in Europe: Short transport routes and fair working conditions are guaranteed here. 


Technical data 

Performance: 3000 watts (2 x 1500 watts) 

Color: RAL9005 deep black, Ral9010 Reinweiß, Ral9006 White Aluminum (≈Silber), RAL7016 anthracite gray 

Weight: 5.6kg 

Protection class: IP55 

Power closure: 2 x 230V, socket, secured with Type C cable control switch 

Recommended attachment height: 2,5 – 3,0 m with an inclination of approx. 45 ° and 3,5 m with a vertical assembly 

Dimensions (LXHXT): 790 mm x 227 mm x 323 mm 

scope of delivery: Wall bracket (tendency to swivel up and down), 2 x 3m connection cable with Schuko connector 

Heated area: approx. 16-18QM, depending on the assembly height and ambient temperature  


Areas of application 

Ideal for use as heating for Terraces, jobs, in the stable and under awnings. 


Assembly and operation 

Assembly: The 2 wall angles are attached to the wall with 2 screws (not included in the scope of delivery). 

service: Easy to switch on and off by plugging into the socket or by means of socket switches. It is also possible to turn on only 1 of the two tubes. The device can be used with an externe dimmer, e.g. with dem Tansun Quartzheat Eco Control, to be dimmed. 

Maintenance: When cleaning and repairs, always separate the power supply first. The reflector must be kept clean. Before switching on, the heating tube should be free of foreign bodies (leaves, rough dirt, etc.), otherwise the lifespan of the tube is shortened. Cleaning alcohol is suitable for cleaning the tube. In the event of a defect, the tube can be exchanged (see operating instructions).  


With the "Sorrento" Infrared Heater Experience immediate, efficient and environmentally friendly warmth at the push of a button. Perfect for difficult heating areas where heat is required over longer periods. 


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