Infrared heaters at work: efficient warmth with individual zones

Infrared heaters in the workplace offer a modern alternative to conventional heating systems. Depending on the type of use, both use as a supplement to the conventional heating system or as a complete replacement. These innovative heating solutions use targeted infrared radiation to create direct warmth for objects and people in the room. Here are some important points that you should know about the use of infrared heaters in work environments:

  • Efficient heat transfer: In contrast to conventional heating, infrared heating does not heat the entire air in the room. Instead, they aim at surfaces and people, which enables direct and efficient heat transfer.
  • Rapen: Infrared heaters offer rapid heat output because they heat the surfaces in the room directly. This leads to immediate warming of the work area.
  • Individual heating zones: With infrared heaters, individual heating zones can be created.
  • Energy efficiency: Thanks to the targeted heat delivery, infrared heating can be regarded as an energy-efficient solution. The direct heating of surfaces minimizes energy loss.
  • Low -maintenance solution: Due to their simple construction, infrared heaters require little maintenance compared to other conventional systems.
  • Comfortable, dry warmth: The heat generated by infrared heaters is often perceived as pleasant and dry, which increases comfort at work.
  • Uncomplicated installation: The installation of infrared heaters is straightforward because they can easily be installed on walls or blankets.
  • Security: Infrared heaters are safe in operation because they do not generate open flames or hot surfaces.

Overall, infrared heaters in the workplace offer modern, energy-efficient and flexible heating solution.

Reduce with TANSUN Your heating costs!

Heat only selectively and therefore cost -saving in partial areas of large objects - without preheating the usual preheat and switching on in seconds after switching on.

Certain building types such as warehouses with production areas or assembly sites, but also separate jobs are notoriously difficult to heat.

Has been offering for over 35 years TANSUN Well -tried and innovative solutions to heat these known problem areas.

Short -wave infrared spotlights offer a highly intensive radiation heat. And that wherever there are other types of heating systems or unprofitable or unpredictable.

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What speaks for short -wave Infrared Heater indoor and outdoors?

• short -wave Infrared Heater Primarily do not heat the air, but the surface in the 'light cone'. As during the lunch break in the sun in winter sports, it gets warm, although the air temperature is still cold. We therefore believe that short -wave Infrared Heater The only responsible way is to heat outdoors or in the poorly isolated area.
• No lead time is required. It is already warm within a few seconds, so the preheat is completely omitted.
• CO2-neutral operation in combination with a corresponding power supply is possible. Here the gas -powered alternatives can only keep up if hydrogen is in use. However, energy losses appear here when generating 20% ​​to 40%. In addition, part of our hydrogen requirements are currently being imported from sources, where ESG issues are not high on the agenda. We basically recommend the use of renewable energies.
• The Infrared Heater Can not only be assembled well in the event of a new building, but also with inventory objects. The laying of underfloor heating or concrete core activation is usually not a sensible option here. This technology also does not need a gas connection or exhaust gas line. With electrical Infrared Heater If your renovation or renovation becomes a child's play, only a power connection is required.
• Are you not sure which heating spotlight is most sensible for your purpose? Or do you have any questions about performance or assembly position? We would be happy to advise you, please contact us today!