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How does the shortwave infrared technology work

The heating spotlights are geared towards target areas like a spot or floodlights. When switching on the devices, short-wave infrared heat rays are heated precisely.

These special infrared heat waves penetrate air absolutely noiselessly and without further environmentally polluted CO2 emissions.

Are these radiations hazardous to health

No, they look similar to the rays of the sun. Infrared rays are positive rays and cannot be compared with UV, microwave or X-rays.

A strong stream connection is required

No, a normal 230 V connection is sufficient for the operation of the heating spotlights. A 400 V force connection is only necessary for the devices for industrial applications with an output of more than 3 kW.

For devices from 2 kW, we recommend using 16a sluggish fuses (C16).

Warmth at the push of a button

The heat can be felt immediately after switching on the devices. This technology enables an exact separation of warm to cold areas. The heat radiation remains Even with wind Get completely!

How safe are infrared heater from TANSUN

All TANSUN Heat the radiators meet too 100 % The European and even more stricter American security standards.

The devices can be used outdoors

Thanks to the protection class IP 55, an unprotected operation is easily possible even in the rain without any roofing.

How warm do the devices get back

The devices are a little more than lukewarm on the back. This means that they can be used safely under awning, pergolas, lamella roofs or in the winter garden. Please ask us in individual cases. All supplied holders result in the prescribed minimum distance.

All devices are tested accordingly and certified worldwide.


Innovative - functional - quality

We know what we do. Thanks to the constant and consistent development of all infrared products by our experienced engineers, our range is always up to date with the latest technology.

Products from professionals for professionals.

A lead through experience

TANSUN™ has been producing a wide range of environmentally friendly and energy-efficient heating systems in modern infrared quartz technology since 1982. Tansun™ relies uncompromisingly on quality and durable functionality.


We tell you beforehand what it costs afterwards

The exact operating costs of the individual devices are of course dependent on the tariff of your energy provider that is valid for you.

A basic distinction is made between tariffs of commercial customers or the prices for private customers per kilowatt hour.

For an approximate information about the consumption costs, we go out of:

  15 ct. / KW-hour price for commercial/ industry

  30 ct. / KW-hour price for private customers

Please refer your exact tariff to your last settlement or you ask your provider. On this basis, we pay you the operating costs of the radiant radiators exactly to the cent per hour.


The list adjacent is only used for your first orientation.

For private terraces it is said: approx. 60 ct./std. For 10-12 sqm

We always count in gastronomy: approx. 5 ct./std. per seat

You see, the costs are really manageable. No preheat is required. The heat is available within 1-2 seconds.

Model Heat power

Cost per hour

at 15/30 ct. Tariff

MIAMI  1.5 kW 23/45 ct.
Rio 1.5 kW 23/45 ct.
RIO GRANDE 2.0 K 30/60 ct.
Rio Grande Double 2 x 1.5 kW = 3kW 45/90 ct.
St. Tropez single 1.5 kW 23/45 ct.
St. Tropez Double 2 x 1.5 kW = 3kW 45/90 ct.
Sorrento single 1, 5 kW 23/45 ct.
Sorrento single 2.0 kW 30/60 ct.
Sorrento Double 2 x 1.5 kW = 3 kW 45/90 ct.
Sorrento Triple 3 x 1.5 kW = 4.5 kW 68 ct. / € 1.44
Monaco single 1.5 kW 23/45 ct.
Monaco Double 2 x 1.5 kW = 3 kW 45/90 ct.
Primus single 2.4 kW 36/72 ct.
Primus double 2 x 2.4 kW = 4.8 kW 72 ct. / € 1.44


It doesn't get warm without red light

Under the general Generic term "Infrared technology" there are three types of infrared heat rays:

1. Long -wave rays

The air is slowly warmed up, after several minutes, warmth is gradually created in the immediate vicinity of the heater. This works in small interiors such as B. bathing rooms for temporary warming,

is absolutely unsuitable for outdoor areas. Long wave = slow!

2. Middle waves ray (Mostly found in darkblers)

This form of infrared technology generates little red light, but is only very suitable for external use on terraces. The air heats up physically, but even with light wind, the heat is completely blown away. Middle wave = also air warming

3. Shortwave rays

At all TANSUN Heaters for outdoor use are only installed with short -wave infrared rays. These are comparable to sun rays and only heat body and objects and not the air. At the moment of switching on, the heat is immediately 100% there. Shortwave = even in the wind -compatible

Infrared heating for terrace without red light
Different brightness

However, there are also differences in the brightness and color of the light output for the shortwave devices. With standard reflectors, the light looks brighter and appears in a somewhat lighter red tone.

The brightness is reduced for the devices with golden reflector and softlight tube. The reddish color is a little darker.

The fact is:  The dark spotlights do not work well on open terraces. Only devices with shortwave technology really get really warm outside!

Do you have any questions? Please contact us.

Also visit the manufacturer's website: Tansun Limited

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