Employees in (sales) office service and shipping

Employees in (sales) office service and shipping Apply now

Moltkestr. 25, 42799 Leichlingen
29 Mar 2024
Full -time

Who are we?

The Tel GmbH (Tansun Europe, Leichlingen) sells premiumInfrared Heater For the British manufacturer Tansun. Tel GmbH has the general council for the DACH region and acts as a wholesale and retail. The Infrared Heater are used for terraces, sports facilities and increasingly also for jobs in the hall and in churches. With a corresponding electricity contract, the Infrared Heater operate in a climate -neutral manner. As a result, this is an attractive alternative to fossil gas heaters.

This is how your everyday work looks like the business owner:

  • Telephone (inbound) and written customer care. These are both commercial topics and product advice (after a corresponding familiarization).
  • Master data maintenance
  • Creation and processing of offers and orders
  • Packaging and shipping of the programs


  • Independent and responsible way of working. You ensure that the company runs smoothly when the business owner is at trade fairs or with customers.
  • Good knowledge of German in speaking and writing
  • Completed vocational training
  • Optional: Ideally in the commercial area
  • Optional: professional experience in a similar position
  • Optional: Experience with ERP and CRM systems


  • Depending on the request, working hours can be set at 30 to 40 hours. The salary span is based on 40 hours a week and depends on the experiences and skills brought with you.
  • Optional: opportunities for development in the implementation of new ideas. If you are interested in further activities (e.G. Marketing, sales, eCommerce), the area of ​​responsibility can be implemented in consultation.
  • Permanent position (6 months trial period)
  • Parking available
  • 10 minutes walk from Leichlingen train station
  • Coffee, tea, water
  • Modern working atmosphere

I'm interested:

Nice! Please send us your application to info@tel-gmbh.com. A cover letter is optional. You can expect to receive first feedback within 3 days.

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What speaks for short -wave Infrared Heater indoor and outdoors?

• short -wave Infrared Heater Primarily do not heat the air, but the surface in the 'light cone'. As during the lunch break in the sun in winter sports, it gets warm, although the air temperature is still cold. We therefore believe that short -wave Infrared Heater The only responsible way is to heat outdoors or in the poorly isolated area.
• No lead time is required. It is already warm within a few seconds, so the preheat is completely omitted.
• CO2-neutral operation in combination with a corresponding power supply is possible. Here the gas -powered alternatives can only keep up if hydrogen is in use. However, energy losses appear here when generating 20% ​​to 40%. In addition, part of our hydrogen requirements are currently being imported from sources, where ESG issues are not high on the agenda. We basically recommend the use of renewable energies.
• The Infrared Heater Can not only be assembled well in the event of a new building, but also with inventory objects. The laying of underfloor heating or concrete core activation is usually not a sensible option here. This technology also does not need a gas connection or exhaust gas line. With electrical Infrared Heater If your renovation or renovation becomes a child's play, only a power connection is required.
• Are you not sure which heating spotlight is most sensible for your purpose? Or do you have any questions about performance or assembly position? We would be happy to advise you, please contact us today!